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On Point Quilting Studio Prices


Supplied by you. No Mountain Mist please. Batting should be larger than the quilt top by 4" on each side, top and bottom. I will have a charge to cut batting and backing if it is too large. If you can do it yourself you will save labour charges. I do have a limited supply of Warm and Natural Batting and Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 for sale. Prices vary.


Must be at least 4" larger than the quilt top on each side, top and bottom. I have found that if you are piecing your backing it will work better to piece it horizontally instead of vertically. I will sew your back together for $15. per seam and if you need me to cut backings to the 4" all around size we will discuss the charge.

Bindings & Sleeves

I will sew these on as well. They will be .15 cents per inch for bindings sewn down to the quilt by machine and finished by hand by you. Completely finished by me is .35 per inch. Sleeves are $15.00 for a prepared sleeve applied to the top back of the quilt - not stitched down.

Price List for Quilting

This price is for edge to edge custom quilting. Prices can be higher or lower depending on the thread, how many thread colour changes, the different sizes of the quilt and quantity of stitching required. Although I have finished some quilts that have been started already by clients or enveloped as one piece this is only upon consultation and extra will be charged. Final prices upon consultation on all quilts.
Size Price
Baby/Crib to 45 x 45$45.00
Lap to 50 x 5060.00
Youth to 55 x 72 85.00
Twin to 66 x 84115.00
Full to 81 x 90150.00
Queen to 90 x 99185.00
King to 110 x 110245.00


Email Me!

I do mail orders. Call for consultation - quick turnaround!